SHELTON, Conn. and JACKSONVILLE, Fla., April 25, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — 3Gtms, Inc., a global provider of Tier 1 transportation management software, and Crowley Logistics, a provider of logistics services around the world, announced Crowley’s expanded use of the 3G-TM transportation management system (TMS) for its inland transportation customers.

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The implementation of the 3Gtms solution is consistent with Crowley’s objective of increasing the velocity of customers’ supply chains and reducing their total landed costs. Crowley is able to do that with 3Gtms’ Optimization and Execution tools, which enable the Crowley team to better manage the transportation challenges and unpredictable hurdles that are prevalent in today’s world. Additionally, customers, carriers and other partners benefit from easier integration through faster onboarding and lower costs.

A transportation management system is a program used to manage all aspects of transportation of goods, including planning and decision making; transportation execution; transport follow up, which typically involves following any physical or administrative actions; and measurement and reporting. A TMS typically integrates with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, or Warehouse Management System (WMS) and takes over where those systems step out. TMS can be used for tracking, planning and optimization purposes. When used properly customers can see efficiency cost reductions and improvements in order visibility.


“Our robust TMS gives Crowley unmatched power and adaptability as it serves the diverse transportation needs of customers and delivers more cost savings to them through optimization,” said Mitch Weseley, CEO of 3Gtms. “Crowley has a very professional team that is skilled at leveraging the full power of our TMS. They are doing an outstanding job with the project and have been taking full advantage of our solution to benefit their customers. We are extremely proud to partner with them.”

The partnership between Crowley and 3Gtms gives Crowley another tool to provide flexible and dynamic services to both commercial and public sector customers.

“We chose 3Gtms because it offered the best TMS on the market to help us achieve our goals of expanding and optimizing our transportation offerings,” said Carl Fox, Crowley’s senior vice president, corporate services. “The 3Gtms team has been outstanding through implementation, integration and training. Our ability to deliver and enhance the efficiency of the customer supply chain is strengthened by this partnership.”

“We are pleased that the enhanced 3G capabilities will continue to advance our core principals and objectives for our supply chain customers, which are to improve the overall velocity of their supply chains, and in doing so, help reduce their total overall landed cost,” said Crowley’s Frank Larkin, senior vice president and general manager, logistics and commercial services. “This will also be another excellent example of Crowley deploying best commercial practices in support of government customers.”


Source: Nasdaq GlobeNewswire