ERP News Magazine issue 23

ERP News Magazine January 2022 – Issue #23

While the pandemic is unlikely to fully end in 2022, we can hope to see some positive changes this year. Every business will pave a new path for itself with the lessons learned during the pandemic, but a common goal of all would be to get ready for the unexpected.

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Introducing Oracle Cloud for Telcos – Redefining the Telco Cloud Market

Operating complex networks to serve millions of subscribers is a constant challenge. From day-to-day operations and expansion to new technology […]


SAP Announces Share Repurchase Program to Service Future Share-Based Compensation Awards

SAP today announced a new share repurchase program. The program, with a volume of up to €1 billion, is planned […]


5 Financial Strategies Christian Non-Profit Organizations Can Rely On

A Christian non-profit organization follows a vital goal and mission, propagating hope and humanity among God’s followers. But a goal […]

oil and gas

A Modern Approach to ERP for the Oil and Gas Industry

Today’s global energy supply chain consists of $40 trillion dollars’ worth of oil and gas commodities. Despite its size and […]


Workplace Safety Myths Business Owners Should Stop Believing

Workplace productivity shouldn’t be the only thing you must think about as a business owner. If you run a company, […]


What Are the ERP Trends That Will Truly Matter in 2022?

“Software is just too expensive” is a common myth that has caused enterprises to hesitate about ERP modernization. However, there’s some […]


Starting An IT Company In Italy- How An Investor Visa Helps

Italy has a favorable climate for tech startups, making it a hot destination for global entrepreneurs. The country encourages innovative […]

business owner

Critical Mistakes to Avoid as Business Owner

Starting a business venture is usually an exciting and thrilling adventure. Few things beat the satisfaction of seeing your business […]

turning point

Turning Point: 5 Key ERP Trends for 2022 — and How Vendors Must Evolve

We’ve reached a turning point. After nearly two years of witnessing COVID-19 seep into every corner of our lives like […]

ERP News Magazine December 2021 – Issue #22

Each new year offers excitement and hope. What the new year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the new year. The year 2022 marks a new era for innovation.


Everything You Need to Know About Setting Up Your Commercial Kitchen

Whether it’s a restaurant or home, kitchens tend to have a positive energy that attracts and makes you feel better. […]


Core Selection- How To Choose Quality Paper for Business Success?

Paper cores find their use for all kinds of products and projects. These have become vital for both individuals and […]


Things to Consider When Choosing your First Third-Party Logistics Partner

For an eCommerce business, fulfilling orders in-house tends to be unrealistic and unfeasible, especially when your business scales and demand […]