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ERP News Magazine October 2020 – Issue #12

In this issue of ERP News Magazine, we have dug deeper into the ERP selection process. As we all know, ERP selection is always a very challenging and critical process for businesses. Especially, if it is the first time you are looking for an ERP system, then several obstacles are awaiting you during this thorny and complicated journey. We have compiled several suggestions and articles from industry experts to enlighten your selection process. And as in every issue, the latest news and events are ready for you to explore.  


Commercial Heating Guide- How To Make Your Business Winter-Ready

As winter is not far away, business owners will already have a maintenance and preparation checklist on top of their […]

software developer

How Should a Freelance Software Developer Get the Clients?

As a freelancer software developer, there are certain important things that you need to do in order to get clients […]

Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP Software Solutions: What Is Cloud-Based ERP?

About 53% of companies agree that they have minimal control over critical business data. It, therefore, becomes apparent that these […]

ERP News Magazine September 2020 – Issue #11

In this issue, we asked the question of “How to Choose Between Generic and Industry-Specific ERP Systems?” to the industry professionals.  We hope their answers will enlighten your journey to digital transformation in which you will find all the advantages and disadvantages of both industry-specific and generic ERP systems.


Everything You Need to Know About Hiring a Maritime Lawyer

Maritime injury cases generally involve marine vessels. You are likely to encounter most water injuries due to recreational boating accidents […]

Chief Revenue Officer

Agiloft Appoints Kevin Niblock Chief Revenue Officer to Lead Sales Expansion

IT and contract management industry veteran Kevin Niblock joins Agiloft’s leadership team to help accelerate growth and scale the organization […]

security business

Secrets To Growing Your Security Business Without Spending A Fortune

The competition in the security business landscape is daunting. Getting clients is tougher than ever because you will have to […]


All Your Business Processes Are Much More Efficient with Axelor Open Suite

While the world is changing rapidly, the business community continues to invest more in technology to adapt to this rapid […]


How Wholesalers Can Prevent Product Damage In Transit

For any wholesale business that supplies products far and wide, safety in delivery matters the most. Damaged products never make […]