Industrial Automation- 5 Areas Of Opportunity To Explore

The manufacturing industry is among the best candidates for automation as there are many opportunities to explore. Since the domain […]

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A Manufacturer’s Guide To Thrive In The Post-Pandemic World

The new normal brings new hopes for businesses after a year-long crisis. If you are a manufacturer, it is time […]

5 Pillars Of Construction Business Success

The construction domain is more competitive than ever, and success hinges on being better than the others. The pandemic has […]

Bitcoin’s Value And Opportunities For New Investors. A Short Review

The past few months have been a really tough ride for Bitcoin investors. Since April 13, when the asset’s value […]

ERP News Magazine , we have dedicated this issue to Augmented Analytics.

ERP News Magazine June 2021 – Issue #18

Today, most of the data analysis processes are done manually, which takes up to 80% of the data analysts’ time. For this reason, augmented analytics appears to be a new approach and in this issue, you will learn how businesses can benefit from it.


5 Ideas To Ramp Up Your Manufacturing Business This Year

The pandemic year has been challenging for businesses, but it has also taught the value of innovation and resilience. Even […]

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How E-Commerce Has Changed In The New Normal

The pandemic has affected all industries and e-commerce is no exception. On the surface, it appears that the event has […]


Revamping Your Manufacturing Business For The New Normal

As the pandemic ravaged the world, businesses struggled to stay afloat amid sudden lockdowns and closures. Some domains suffered more […]


Business Credit Card: A Convenient Asset Of The Organization!

Assets are crucial for the survival of every business as it saves the organization from every pitfall and gives it […]


How Leveraging Workplace Safety Technology Will Enhance Its Security

The world is becoming connected, and the need to install security has emerged. In today’s evolving era, offices and workplaces […]


Product Launch: Professional Guide to Make It Successful!

According to a report, More than 30000 consumer products are launched every year, and approximately 95% of them fail. Only […]


Otto Car Adopts Auditoria.AI SmartFlow Skills to Streamline and Automate Critical Finance Processes

Auditoria ‘s Innovative Solution to Power Back-Office Automation for Leading Private Hire Leasing Provider AUDITORIA.AI, a pioneer in AI-driven automation […]

ERP News Magazine May 2021 issue 17

ERP News Magazine May 2021 – Issue #17

In this issue, where you can find everything you wonder about 2-Tier ERP, you can also gain a new perspective on how you should be moving forward and this issue will shed a light on your path.


GetBusy Turns to NetSuite as it Gets Busier

It is not often we see a startup split from its parent company, delist from the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), […]