A Retailer’s Checklist For Impactful Outdoor Digital Signage

The retail segment has come a long way to keep pace with the audience expectations and market competition. If you […]

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7 Attributes That Make A Great IT Staffing Partner

If you run a business, you will probably understand that you cannot manage everything alone. There are multiple operations to […]

Project management

Achieve Heights of Success in Project Management Process with Some Hacks

Project management can be a daunting task. Multiple things come into being, like managing various team members, timelines, goals, and […]

Industrial Engineer

How To Secure The Best Opportunities As An Industrial Engineer

A degree in industrial engineering is worth the effort as it sets you up for success. You have lucrative career […]

ERP News Magazine issue 20

ERP News Magazine October 2021 – Issue #20

We live in a time where everything keeps changing rapidly and it is entirely up to your organization to adopt or resist change. There are several ways to adapt to change, and even to take advantage of it, but you should be careful about one fact, that is Millenials!


3 Trends To Watch For In The Immediate Future Of Cryptocurrencies

If by now you still haven’t gotten on the cryptocurrency hype train, the main question that arises is, why haven’t […]


How Root Cause Analysis Can Empower Manufacturing Businesses

The manufacturing domain is a challenging one to operate in, regardless of the size and scale of the business. It […]


How Digital Transformation is Impacting Businesses

As the business world moves from paper to smart applications, there’s a whole new level of imagination on how we’ll […]


Customer Conscious: How Online Shopping is Changing the Way We Live

While the world of e-commerce was already playing a massive role in all of our lives prior to the COVID […]

ERP News Magazine issue 20

ERP News Magazine September 2021 – Issue #19

Although global uncertainty has fallen back to its average value, it is likely that many of the changes that were triggered by the pandemic are here to stay.  As businesses better understand the advantages of digital transformation and the opportunities that lie before them they will probably continue to invest in innovation and technological adoption even after the pandemic is over.


Top 3 Potential Contributions of Technology in Law Enforcement and Investigative Process

Whenever you watch a crime series on Netflix or Television, crime-solving seems like a one-man job. They make it look […]


Industrial Automation- 5 Areas Of Opportunity To Explore

The manufacturing industry is among the best candidates for automation as there are many opportunities to explore. Since the domain […]


A Manufacturer’s Guide To Thrive In The Post-Pandemic World

The new normal brings new hopes for businesses after a year-long crisis. If you are a manufacturer, it is time […]