Business Insurance- Protect Your Assets From a Variety of Risks

Running a business is not child’s play. It comes with a number of risks. What if someone got injured? What […]

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Sage Study Finds Nearly Three-Quarters of U.S. Small and Midsize Businesses Expect to see Pre-pandemic Revenue Levels By End of Year

ATLANTA, April 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sage (FTSE: SGE), the market leader in cloud business management solutions, today shared results from […]


5 Cloud ERP Benefits We Learned About in Lockdown

“Re-entry” is something we are hearing a lot about lately and the next six months will be a time when […]


Auto Industry Insights – What You Need to Know About Ceramic Car Coating

“Automobiles have always been part of my life, and I’m sure they always will be. What is it about them […]


ERP News Magazine April 2021 – Issue #16

In this issue, organizations that have already moved to the cloud are likely experiencing minimal disruption to their daily operations in the new normal, but it is never too late!


HR Advice For Managing Fleet Businesses Effectively

Running fleet operations is no mean feat, and managing people is perhaps the most challenging part for such organizations. You […]


How to Give your Unwanted Timeshare Back to the Developer

Owning a timeshare is great until you wish to give it back. Different people have different reasons for surrendering their […]


Smarter ERP Solutions Have Much to Provide Generating Increased Productivity in the Automotive Industry

Technology is changing every day, and each day we are adopting new forms of technologies and their acronyms. They enhance […]

air compressor

Top 3 Uses of Air Compressors in Construction

Those associated with the construction world know the importance of having a seamlessly working air compressor that comes with countless […]

Spontaneous Road Trip: 7 Best Travel Apps to Download for Your Trip

Americans have long cultivated a heady romance with the open road. And can you blame us? It doesn’t get much […]


Storage 101: A First Timer’s Guide to Self-Storage Units

One of the most convenient options for storing your belongings is renting a storage unit. These units are ideal for […]

ERP News Magazine March 2021 – Issue #15

In this issue, we asked industry experts why customer experience is important in ERP implementation, and we have compiled their pieces of advice to be able to shed a light on your path to a successful CX in ERP implementation.


Some Common Laws for White-Collar Crimes in Texas

“A lot of white-collar work requires less of the routine, rule-based, what we might call an algorithmic set of capabilities, […]