ERP News Magazine April 2021 – Issue #16Download Here (PDF)

Last year, we have witnessed a crisis that has completely changed our lives, and we are still trying to adapt to the rules of the “new normal”. The new normal had some major impacts not only on our lives but also on the business world and the competitive environment. Most organizations have started to question the adequacy and quality of the systems they are using but others are still reliant on legacy on-premise ERP solutions.

ERP News Magazine April 2021

As the cloud ERP systems rise like the stars in the business world, on-premise ERPs are left in the dusty pages of history. Businesses now want to access their ERP software from wherever and whenever they want. If you have second thoughts about the software you are using and have intentions to migrate to a cloud system to meet the everchanging customer expectations, this issue of ERP News Magazine may shed light on your path. Organizations that have already moved to the cloud are likely experiencing minimal disruption to their daily operations in the new normal, but it is never too late!

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