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ERP News Magazine April 2022 – Issue #26 – Download Here (PDF)

‘The only thing that does not change is the change itself.” is quite an appropriate quote for today’s business world. Businesses that ignore change cannot reach the finish line on the road to success. They should understand that technology is driving the change and digitalization is inevitable. The case is much clearer when it comes to e-commerce. Most businesses have had to figure out ways to get online and stay competitive during the pandemic but being online is not enough on its own to adapt to changing customer expectations.

ERP News Magazine April 2022

The compliance process is the most error-prone area and all businesses need a reliable, secure, and scalable tax compliance software. In this context, we interviewed Scott Peterson, President of Government Relations and U.S. Tax Policy at Avalara. Also, the cover guest of our April issue is Unit4 which is one of the leading names in the ERP industry. We talked about the new trends and opportunities in the XaaS economy with Dmitri Krakovsky, CPO, Unit4.

If you don’t have a roadmap yet on how to adapt to change and transformation, this issue can certainly help you.

See you in the next issue…