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Five things SAP needs to do to make “simple” real

There’s probably nothing harder for a business to accomplish than these two things:  make the complex simple; and change market […]

Why should SMBs join the cloud revolution?

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SAP Mobile Platform 3.0

The concept of a platform or portfolio approach to full cycle mobile application development, application management, and device management will […]

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13 Common ERP Mistakes and How to Avoid Making Them

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Standing up to leading vendors

Rather than being pushed out by the big two, mid-market ERP vendors claim they are thriving in the Middle East. […]

BYOD: IT’s Security Nightmare or a Dream Come True?

Still debating whether or not to allow employees to use their own smartphones and tablets for work? Many organizations realize […]

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software Guide

What is ERP software? The key to understanding ERP software is to think “integration.” ERP software links systems across an […]

Big Data: What it Means to IT Managers on the Front Lines

Big data: yet another “game-changer” IT pros must grapple with these days. But not in the usual way. Companies like […]