ERP News – worldwide – – As a batch process manufacturer, you put forth a lot of effort researching and deciding on an ERP vendor that was the right fit for you. Your company made an investment, and it’s one that needs to be cared for even after this selection process.

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Protect your software investment with a maintenance and support plan for these reasons.

  1. Access to the latest and greatest – When your company has a maintenance plan, you will receive all version of the software released during the plan coverage period. This includes full product releases, as well as maintenance releases. This will maintain the reliability and performance of your software with new version releases, as well as minor updates, fixes, and enhancements.
  2. Get the support you need – With an active maintenance plan, your company will have access to a team of support specialists. Be sure to learn the logistics of this part of your plan. Will you be calling headquarters with your questions or will you be outsourced to a third party call center? The support you receive for the end-users of your software is of great importance, as timely and knowledgeable resources will keep your questions answered and your software running smoothly.
  3. Extra perks and benefits – Not only will having a maintenance plan benefit your ERP software and its users, but there are also great advantages for your company. Extra perks of a support plan may include discounts on user conferences, invitations to private webinars, access to online training videos, and inclusion in online user forums. By supporting the users of the ERP software, you are strengthening your company.