Unveiled at its Insights 2017 customer conference today, Epicor Software Corporation, a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software to promote business growth, introduced the latest version of Epicor ERP, the global enterprise resource planning solution in use today by thousands of customers in 150 countries worldwide.

Building on the strengths of its cloud-first architecture, the latest release provides powerful new capabilities to support operational excellence, improved visibility, and revenue expansion—critical to achieve sustained growth in the increasingly competitive and fast-paced global business arena, with new functionality to support top-line revenue growth while controlling bottom-line costs.

“With margins for products eroding, customer demands increasing, and an uncertain and somewhat unstable global economy, manufacturers must leverage technology to increase business agility, enable insightful decision-making, and achieve greater gains in rapid fashion,” said Scott Hays, senior vice president, product marketing, Epicor. “Designed to support how people work today, and ready to accommodate how people will work tomorrow, Epicor ERP provides a proven foundation with which to leverage new game-changing technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data and analytics, social collaboration, mobility and additive manufacturing. Mitigating technology, integration, and accessibility barriers that stifle productivity, Epicor ERP ushers in newfound levels of collaboration, visibility, and business outcomes.”

Epicor ERP now provides greater cloud deployment flexibility and new and enhanced business functionality out-of-the-box, including new capabilities to support global growth and expansion, business transformation, and efficiencies in mission-critical operations such as quality and compliance. The new release also features fully integrated enterprise content management capabilities from the January 2017 acquisition of DocStar. These new competencies support business transformation initiatives focused on improved customer-centricity, collaboration, efficiency and expansion to address new market opportunities.


New Dedicated Tenancy Cloud Option
Expanding the company’s commitment to its cloud-first approach, the latest version of Epicor ERP is now available in a dedicated tenancy cloud deployment model, in addition to multi-tenancy and single-tenancy deployment options. Available for North American customers now, the new dedicated cloud option offers the benefits of greater flexibility and control, and can be ideal for organizations needing to adhere to specific regulatory compliance regulations. In contrast to the multi-tenant model, which achieves significant scale economies by deploying clients on the same application server and the same database, dedicated tenancy provides each client its own database, with the dynamic elasticity and cost benefits of shared application servers.

International Financial and Compliance Capabilities to Spur Global Growth
Doing business globally requires a robust and broad reaching tax accounting, international trade and regulatory compliance foundation. The latest version of Epicor ERP features expanded international financial applications and a new electronic compliance engine to ease complexity, improve visibility and controls to support strong financial operations and reduced risk while lowering the cost of compliance.

New functionality localized for specific geographic regions supports compliance and reporting, tax and payment processing, and international trade requirements. These capabilities pave the way for operational expansion into high-growth manufacturing markets—such as Vietnam and Thailand—growth economies that are rapidly expanding, and which are expected to be a significant driver of global Gross Domestic Product growth by 2021 (per the International Monetary Fund’s World Economic Outlook).

New Data Analytics for Better Insights
Epicor ERP features enhanced, industry-focused Epicor Data Analytics (EDA), which offers flexible and easy-to-use analytics tightly integrated with Epicor ERP. A cloud data analytics solution requiring low upfront cost and quick implementation and can be accessed via desktop or any mobile device, EDA drives operational visibility for improved decision making via rich out-of-the-box dashboards that are configurable, and the ability to “drill-down” into supporting data for deeper insights. Modular, pre-built content packs for sales, financials, materials, and production empower organizations to ask and answer questions about their business to uncover new growth opportunities and efficiencies for improved performance.

New Tools for Greater Productivity in Front- and Back-End Processes
The latest version of Epicor ERP features enhancements to its configure-to-order design function with a 2D Design Visualization Tool, enabling easy viewing of models and drawings, markup in 2D, and real-time collaboration on design documents over a network.

Enhancements to Epicor Manifest automated shipping software streamline shipping processes via new powerful integrated shipping rates and parcel carrier options directly at the point of order quotation, order entry and/or shipping. Epicor Manifest also now integrates with Less than Load (LTL) regional carriers, opening up a wide range of new shipping options.

New Resources to Streamline Upgrades and Support Training
The new release also incorporates new tools to accelerate the upgrade process for customers transitioning from on premises to cloud deployment models. Epicor Site Analyzer analyzes existing software environments to identify changes and configuration needs in advance of migration to provide a “know before you go” visual representation impact assessment. A new rapid data migration process enables data to be migrated to a cloud environment in a safe and swift manner, significantly improving time-to-value.

Epicor University offers a mix of education and training option for the latest release of Epicor ERP. New Epicor Learning Center training offerings—including 40 self-paced on demand video courses on new ERP functionality and live virtual hands-on training sessions—ensure user skills proficiency and roll out success.

Customers Levelling Up for Growth with Epicor ERP
According to Daniel Sirow, vice president, Independent Components Corporation, a wholesale distributor of OEM quality aftermarket air compressor parts and accessories, upgrading to the latest version of Epicor ERP ensures his company is running the absolute best version of the software. “It also allows our business to take advantage of the latest features that enables us to grow our business—giving users the freedom to focus on core business responsibilities,” said Sirow.

Mexican company Isquisa SA de CV specializes in the comprehensive management of chemical inputs for the oil and gas industry, and offers the widest range of fertilizers and agrochemicals for the agriculture industry. “From the database to the server, Epicor ERP offers us a reliable business platform,” said Cristhian Jimenez Vargas, IT manager, Isquisa. “Staying up to date on the latest version also ensures we get the most return on investment from our system, and also gives us access to the latest features and trends in ERP.”

Availability and Compatibility
Epicor ERP is available now in 36 languages for upgrades and new cloud deployments worldwide. Epicor ERP is compatible with Microsoft Windows 10 and Internet Explorer 11.

Source: Epicor Software Corporation