ERP News September 2022 issue 31


ERP News Magazine August 2022 – Issue #31 – Download Here (PDF)


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a trend in the ERP industry for so long now, but a fully-AI driven ERP system is something we thought we have to dig deeper into in this issue. Especially the manufacturing industry wants to take advantage of AI, machine learning, and other intelligent manufacturing technologies to improve efficiency and gain a competitive advantage. Whereas the retail industry can discover new opportunities in sales and marketing with an AI-enabled ERP system.

ERP News Magazine September 2022

So, how do artificial intelligence and other intelligent technologies impact ERP? From automation of routine tasks to better decision-making, there are many benefits of using these technologies integrated with your ERP system. In this issue of ERP News magazine, thought leaders of the foremost ERP and Fintech vendors and partners have shared their ideas about why AI and other intelligent technologies are necessary to climb the ladder of success.

The latest news on the ERP industry, customer studies, and much more are also awaiting you through the following pages.

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