ERP News Magazine November 2020 – Issue #13Download Here (PDF)

2020 has been the most challenging year in living memory for all. The biggest lesson to be learned this year is that digital transformation is a must for all businesses. All the enterprises want to digitalize fast enough and adapt to the “New Normal” as soon as possible.  And this situation brings the importance of a successful ERP implementation to the table again.

The implementation process that follows the ERP selection is critical for the success of an ERP project. It is not enough to make the right choice for a successful outcome. In this issue, we discussed the drawbacks and the critical success factors for ERP implementation – perhaps the most important step that will make or break your deck. We asked, “What are the critical success factors in ERP implementation?” and the valuable names of the industry answered it for you.

Also, as in every issue, the latest news of the month, articles, and success stories about the ERP industry are ready to explore. We hope this issue can shed light on your path during your ERP implementation.

See you in the next issue …