ERP News Magazine issue 21


ERP News Magazine November 2021 – Issue #21Download Here (PDF)

In today’s business world, having access to information at all times and all places is vital for all industries. Mobile technologies have become an indispensable part of our lives and using a mobile ERP for businesses is becoming crucial for accessing, and sharing the business data in real-time through the mobile devices.

ERP News Magazine November 2021

In this issue, we focus on Mobile ERP, which provides the speed and flexibility required by businesses for growth and remaining competitive in every industry.

Two years ago, we interviewed Nicky Tozer, Senior Vice President of Oracle Netsuite EMEA, and asked about the future of the ERP industry and the growth strategies of Oracle Netsuite, but a couple of months later the world has changed permanently.  In this issue, we had the opportunity to chat with her again and she has evaluated this extraordinary transformation that the world has undergone and how it has affected the ERP industry. Thank you, Nicky – it is always enlightening for us to learn your opinions!

And don’t forget to check out the interviews with Claus Jepsen, Chief Technology Officer of Unit4, and Derk Bleeker, Chief Strategy and Development Officer, Sage – they will shed a light on today’s ERP industry and the effects of the pandemic on the business world.

You can start turning the pages to discover the latest news and articles about the ERP industry!

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