ERP News Magazine issue 32

ERP NEWS Magazine issue 32


ERP News Magazine October 2022 – Issue #32 – Download Here (PDF)


Investing in an ERP system is a critical step in digitalization, but finding a system that is a perfect fit for your business is the real challenge. The requirements change depending on the industry, but the question is always the same: out-of-the-box ERP software or custom software?

In this issue, we will dig a little deeper and explore the pros and cons of using a customized ERP solution and the factors to consider when choosing the right custom ERP software.  Should you invest in customization to gain a competitive edge or is it just recreating the technology that is already there? There is no specific answer to this, so you should focus on finding the answer that is right for your business.

ERP News Magazine October 2022

In this issue of ERP News magazine, thought leaders of the foremost ERP vendors have shared their ideas about why and when customization is necessary. Also do not miss out on the special interviews with Sage, Epicor, Nulogy, Prophix, Rootstock, and Unit4!

And Rohit Gupta, Founder, and CEO at Auditoria.AI will shed a light on the importance of automation in the finance office, and Mike Guay, VP, Customer Success Executive at Infor will give you some priceless insights on customizing your ERP.

The latest news on the ERP industry, customer studies, and much more are also awaiting you through the following pages as always!

See you in the next issue!