ERP News Magazine June 2023 – Issue #37 – Download Here (PDF)

As businesses grow and their needs change, they need new software that can support more complex processes and changing demands.  Small inefficiencies build up and trigger the realization that they need new ERP software.

And what are those small things that make you change your ERP system? In this issue of ERPNews Magazine, we will dig down into the reasons why you might want to change your ongoing system. It could be manual processes that slow you down, limited traceability that decreases your efficiency, and most probably overreliance on Excel. Also neglected customers, no remote or mobile access or rising costs might ring the bell.

Do not miss out on the articles written by the thought leaders of the foremost ERP vendors written by Gabe Mensching, Chief Technology Officer, NIMBL, and Mike Guay, VP, Customer Success Executive at Infor, and check out the exclusive interview with Matthew Gordon-Box, Product Manager Supply Chain at SYSPRO  in which we had the opportunity to discuss the critical factors that affect the process of selecting the right ERP software and an interview with Alok Ajmera, Chief Executive Officer at Prophix and he shared his opinions about the top tech trends among finance leaders over the last few years since COVID.

The latest news on the ERP industry, customer studies, and much more are also awaiting you through the following pages as always!