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ERP News Magazine July 2023 – Issue #38 – Download Here (PDF)

AI & ML tools are transforming the way businesses manage their processes and information and that is why the ERP systems today are quite different than what we had a few years back. AI & ML tools are increasingly being incorporated into ERP systems. Businesses have to get ready for the future with automation and innovation and come out ahead of the competition, so they should be ready for an intelligent ERP solution enhanced with AI and ML.

In this issue of ERP News Magazine, we have asked the experts in the industry how AI & ML are transforming ERP systems and they shed light on the impacts of these tools on ERP.

Special interviews were done with the thought leaders of the foremost software vendors so I would say do not miss out on this issue:

  • Andy Campbell, Global Solution Evangelist at Certinia shed light on the reasons for this rebranding and which attributes Certinia provides as a single Services-as-a-Business platform.
  • James Bandy, Principal and Head of TriVista’s Digital and Technology Practice, talked about how SMEs can benefit from AI and at what stage of their digital transformation journey they should start using AI technology.
  • Bryce Wolf, Senior Manager of Industry Solutions at Unit4, talked about the top priorities of PSOs for growth in 2023 and how they can benefit from AI & ML.

The latest news on the ERP industry, customer studies, and much more are also awaiting you through the following pages as always!