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Business process design is a key component of most ERP and digital transformation projects. Established approaches to dealing with this are often resource-intensive, time-consuming, and expensive and usually work best where the scope of the change is limited, and the objective is to identify and implement radically different business processes.

This latest white paper from Lumenia Consulting, ‘Accelerating Business Process Design in ERP and Digital Transformation Projects’ describes three tools that Lumenia have developed, which can significantly reduce the time and effort involved in business process design. These tools are Pain Point Analysis, Business Process Benchmarking and Business Process Capability Assessment.

“Rather than spend a lot of time and effort documenting processes that are going to change anyway, or on collecting and analysing large amounts of data, our approach is based on the reality that many business processes are largely similar across many organisations and therefore do not all need to be re-designed from first principles in many ERP or Digital Transformation projects. Also, in most organisations, the business process owners and operators know what many of the main issues are with their processes”, commented Sean Jackson, Managing Director at Lumenia.

Lumenia Consulting is a full lifecycle independent ERP and digital transformation specialist. Most of the projects that we deliver for our clients involve extensive business process change; the tools presented in this paper were developed to help reduce the level of effort and time taken to design future state processes. If you are engaged in the early stages of an ERP or digital transformation project, or if you simply want to compare business process performance across sites or divisions, Lumenia’s process experience and consulting tools will add significant value. Visit the Publications section of our website to download a free copy of this white paper, Accelerating Business Process Design in ERP and Digital Transformation Projects.

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