ERP News Magazine issue 28


ERP News Magazine June 2022 – Issue #28 – Download Here (PDF)

‘‘The two most powerful warriors are patience and time’’ Leo Tolstoy, War, and Peace.

Regardless of the industry that a business is operating in, time is a company’s most valuable resource. In an age where timely delivery of products and services is of paramount importance to maximize customer satisfaction, ignoring what the IT industry has to offer can have dire consequences for a business.

ERP News Magazine June 2022

Although businesses have acknowledged the value of choosing the right software, especially in the past two years, today, a standard ERP software is often not enough. The need for customizable software that provides the most suitable solution for aligning the business processes, flexibility to grow with the business, and instant adaptation to the dynamic environment is increasing day by day. Alternative solutions are constantly evolving in this regard and low-code/no-code platforms open a new door for businesses.

Gartner mentioned that this year, eighty percent of technology products and services will be created by non-technologists, and code shortcuts will have a driving effect on this. Considering the high impact that this will have in the software industry, we have dedicated this issue of ERP News Magazine to Self Service & Low / No-Code ERP. Don’t forget to check out the great interviews with the industry professionals and unique articles written by the thought leaders.

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