SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) today announced it has further deepened its commitment to the developer and open source community with the contribution of UI5 Web Components, a comprehensive library for Web developers.


This library enables them to create enterprise-grade Web applications more easily. The announcement was made at the OSCON conference, taking place July 15–18 in Portland, Oregon.

The new UI5 Web Components from SAP allow developers to take advantage of the features offered by OpenUI5 while using other frameworks such as React, Angular or Vue.js. Web Components are a set of easy-to-use, lightweight but enterprise-grade user interface elements that provide functions that are not easily possible with standard HTML. Web Components are framework-agnostic and work in modern browsers, so they can be used to add advanced functionality to static Web pages or dynamic Web applications.

“Open source is a key part of SAP’s technology strategy, and we have been active in the community for over 15 years by contributing to and supporting various projects,” said Thomas Grassl, SAP VP and global head of developer and community relations. “Our ongoing collaboration with the open source community around CLA assistant and OpenUI5 is an important source of input and driving new features.”

CLA assistant is a project that allows contributors to sign a contributor license agreement (CLA) for any open source project with just one click, fully integrated with the GitHub pull request workflow. Initially it was an internal tool to manage CLAs for SAP projects. Now it is available to help the wider open source community to manage contributions for their projects. It has been used for over 60,000 CLAs and over 4,500 repositories and is the de facto tool for open source projects that use CLAs to ensure any contributions are properly licensed. Microsoft has adopted CLA assistant for handling its corporate CLAs, and has also contributed to the project. CLA assistant has also been used by other well-known organizations to manage contributions to their projects.