While technology advances and the exploding app economy aim to drive economic growth, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, year-over-year productivity growth has flat lined overall, despite sporadic quarterly gains. Humanizing the digital experience to overcome the information overload productivity barrier, harmon.ie today debuted the first topic computing solution, harmon.ie Collage, that fully unifies disconnected information from multiple cloud services – all within Outlook, employees’ primary work interface.

“In the past, employees would often hoard knowledge, believing it gave them job security. But today, people are much more adept at sharing, perhaps to a fault. Employees often find themselves so overwhelmed with information that instead of becoming more productive, they grind to a halt. An infinite array of notifications from multiple business application and a mess of disjointed activity streams creates too much distraction, which becomes a major efficiency obstacle,” said Alan Lepofsky, productivity expert and VP at Constellation Research. “If people must use several applications to get their job done, it becomes too complex and cumbersome. To combat this dilemma, people want solutions that aggregate together all the content and colleagues around a given topic, allowing them to stay focused and get their work done.”

Adding its proven machine learning Collage™ technology to its harmon.ie enterprise solution, harmon.ie Collage now surfaces all the important business updates – from a variety of apps (CRM, ERP, etc.), documents, social tools and email – that information workers need.

harmon.ie Collage eliminates app noise and removes the need for workers to open multiple, process-specific applications and email chains by automatically organizing them by topic within Outlook. The advanced, topic-driven sidebar allows workers to see the big picture while staying focused on the topic at hand—be it a specific product, customer, project, campaign or service. With topic computing, harmon.ie aims to give workers the focus they need to get the job done right, and fast.


“As part of the Swiss Re Digital Workplace Program, we need to adopt the latest technologies,” said Rainer Baumann, CIO for Information and Managing Director at Swiss Re. “We have a strong footprint in the Microsoft world using Exchange, SharePoint, and other platforms.  harmon.ie gives us a way to provide simple access and drive adoption to these technologies. The platform enables workers to share documents in a simple way, as well as interact with colleagues, even their mobile phones. With harmon.ie, I can get access to all of my documents wherever I am in the world.” Hear more about how the Swiss Re Group, a leading wholesale provider of reinsurance, insurance and other insurance-based forms of risk transfer, is embracing the digital workplace transformation here.

The first Collage Outlook add-on surfaced key topics contained in email messages and then identified related notifications across a variety of information sources. However, the debut of harmon.ie Collage fully integrates Collage into the harmon.ie-powered Outlook experience so its two million licensed users and the entire Office 365 user community (85+M users and counting) can instantly see all relevant updates in context, within their email window. harmon.ie Collage:

  • Brings all the information workers need to do their jobs directly into Outlook to drive productivity.
  • Adds topical context from a range of business applications, document management systems, and social tools including Office 365 documents and email, IBM Connections, Salesforce, Yammer and Zendesk.
  • Uses its patent-pending artificial intelligence technology and Microsoft Graph advances to sort information by topic based on each user’s needs.
  • Now also allows users to tag open emails directly to make adding topics easier and faster.

“The app economy has failed to deliver economic growth because it is built on distraction. It has created an enormous gap between what workers need to do their job and the technology meant to support them. Traditionally, enterprise software is built around specific processes, but that complicates the digital workplace experience because people naturally think in terms of topics,” added Yaacov Cohen, CEO of harmon.ie. “Organizations don’t need another platform or app to solve the problem; they need to be able to effectively leverage the technology that they already have in place. harmon.ie Collage closes the gap and fosters focus by intuitively delivering all of the updates and content workers need from the vast array of business apps, when they need it.”

To learn more about how harmon.ie is humanizing the digital experience, register for one of the webinar sessions on March 8, 2017. Add harmon.ie Collage to your digital experience now.


Source: Nasdaq GlobeNewswire