ERP News Magazine issue 20

ERP News Magazine September 2021 – Issue #19Download Here (PDF)

Although global uncertainty has fallen back to its average value, it is likely that many of the changes that were triggered by the pandemic are here to stay.  As businesses better understand the advantages of digital transformation and the opportunities that lie before them they will probably continue to invest in innovation and technological adoption even after the pandemic is over.  As Cloud Computing becomes a part of our lives, which is a critical step forward to digital transformation, it’s been proven that combining big data with cloud computing can actually transform your organization.

ERP News Magazine September 2021

In this issue of ERP News Magazine, we discuss the primary characteristics of Cloud Computing and Big Data and explore the reasons for putting your data in the cloud.  If you want to take your business one step further by combining Big Data and Cloud Computing and aim to maximize its potential, go on and explore this issue!

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