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Today, customer expectations are changing rapidly, so the trends and technologies. And firms need to be more CX-focused to win the market. You have to combine vision with execution. ERP solutions that are ignoring this fact will face great challenges in the competitive environment.

Speed has been the keyword for a successful CX in the next normal and the emerging trends must be carefully examined to become the game-changer. For an ERP software company to provide a great customer experience, it has to understand that CX is a top-tier priority and really understand its customers.

ERP News Magazine March 2021

In this issue, we asked industry experts why customer experience is important in ERP implementation, and we have compiled their pieces of advice to be able to shed a light on your path to a successful CX in ERP implementation.

In this issue, you will find answers to all your questions about CX in ERP implementation, as well as the most up-to-date news, articles, and interviews with industry experts!

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