ERP News Magazine , we have dedicated this issue to Augmented Analytics.

ERP News Magazine issue 18 - june 2021

ERP News Magazine June 2021 – Issue #18Download Here (PDF)

The past year has certainly taught us some lessons and now we can finally see the faint light at the end of the tunnel. We are definitely in the tunnel’s second half, so it’s time to start worrying about surviving the post-pandemic world. It’s also time to do something for your company that makes a difference.

ERP News Magazine June 2021

During this extraordinary period businesses had to make an extra effort to ensure the continuity of their business processes. Leveraging analytics was definitely one of these critical efforts. As ERP News, we have dedicated this issue to Augmented Analytics. Today, most of the data analysis processes are done manually, which takes up to 80% of the data analysts’ time. For this reason, augmented analytics appears to be a new approach and in this issue, you will learn how businesses can benefit from it.

We have also included interviews about how the traces left by the pandemic continue to show themselves. In addition, the most up-to-date news and articles are waiting for you!

See you in our next issue!