Automotive service provider DPaschoal moves full speed ahead with SAP Hybris solutions, providing an end-to-end personalized experience for 4 million customers.


Automotive parts can be a low trust market with people trying to push extra services and products onto customers just to boost sales. Brazil’s tire giant, DPaschoal, prides itself on doing the opposite.

“We differentiate ourselves through trust and a highly specialized service,” says Henrique Cavalhieri, Managing Director of E-Commerce at this family-owned company that measures its sales force with one key performance indicator (KPI): customer satisfaction. “One of our biggest concerns about going digital was to maintain the full DPaschoal experience based on our values of efficient service and delivery.”

Today more than 4 million Brazilians trust this company when it comes to their cars. DPaschoal went digital early on with a strategic omni-channel model to make sure they engage with customers every step of the way in every single channel. The engagement begins online and ends in the shop.

When the team at DPaschoal started thinking about the end-to-end customer journey, they decided not to limit themselves to their notion of e-commerce and to start thinking about commerce in a broader sense.

They took a good look at all pillars of engagement from the pre-sale, the sale itself, the service in the shop, and the entire post-sale cycle of personalization. Only when introduced to the suite of SAP Hybris solutions did the company begin to understand how to connect and manage all these complex processes.

Watch the video to find out how SAP Hybris solutions enable DPaschoal to bring it all together and prevent a driving disaster for one busy customer.