IAS, the international producer of Canias ERP, has teamed up with the South Korean software provider MICROPOLIS. The new sales and implementation partnership has already led to inquiries from potential new customers in Korea.


Karlsruhe, February 2017 – Industrial Application Software (IAS) and MICROPOLIS recently announced the launch of a strategic partnership. IAS is a mid-sized software and consulting firm that for 27 years has been advancing the optimization and integration of business processes at companies around the world using its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Canias ERP.

MICROPOLIS is a Seoul-based mid-sized service provider of solutions for risk simulation, for ERP, for BI & OLAP and for many other areas of business management, in particular compliance management and accounting control systems. Its customers include financial service providers and world-renowned companies in electronics and engineering such as Samsung, Mitsubishi and Hyundai. Its large customer base and excellent business relationships make MICROPOLIS the perfect partner for IAS to ensure a successful market launch not only in Korea but also in the whole region of East Asia. There have already been promising talks with potential customers interested in the new software solution for the Korean market

Canias ERP is a perfect addition to MICROPOLIS’s existing products in the areas of EPM and compliance. “We are very impressed with Canias ERP– the extensive services portfolio, the well-designed software architecture, the flexibility and the compelling ease of use,” says MICROPOLIS CEO Myoung Kim, “Together with our partners here in Korea, we have strong distribution channels and qualified consultants for a successful market launch of Canias ERP.”

Behic Ferhatoglu, the CEO of the IAS group, is very pleased with the new partnership and looks forward to the collaboration. “Together with our complete solution Canias ERP.  and our partner MICROPOLIS we will now be able to offer many mid-sized companies in Korea an fully integrated software solution in which all business processes are closely interconnected,” Ferhatoglu stated. “We are convinced that the arrival of a new software provider in Korea will boost regional competition in Asia and have a positive long-term effect on the market.”

Mesud Ozturk, General Coordinator of IAS has added “The launch of Canias ERP.  on the Korean market means new opportunities for Canias ERP.  in East Asia and marks a big step forward for IAS.”