MONTREAL, April 06, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Big Bang ERP has recently been accepted into the ServiceNow Sales and Services Program to help customers learn about, purchase and implement ServiceNow software. Most cloud consulting firms offer only one specific product that they partner with as the best solution for all their clients but at Big Bang ERP, they leverage their diverse experiences and in-depth expertise to contribute to the success of their customers. Big Bang ERP helps businesses optimize and streamline processes by implementing and customizing cloud systems and industry specific software.

“Adding ServiceNow to our industry specific products was a big priority for us. Industries of all kinds including ITSM, Professional Services, and Government are being transformed by automation and intuitive consumer experiences, and we wanted to have the most cutting-edge, high-quality solutions to offer our Service Enterprise customers. Teaming up with ServiceNow to provide the best possible solutions for our clients was a great experience. We are excited about the possibilities for our customers,” said Mark Rhyman, Co-CEO & Chief Business Development Officer at Big Bang ERP.

Source: Nasdaq GlobeNewswire