Shopping has evolved into a faster, easier form with the emergence of the online shopping. Surely, it is rather a more convenient and lucid base. But unless you have elementary knowledge on online personal information safety, the online world of shopping might become a nightmare rather than an enjoyable journey for you. There are several ways to protect yourself from such scams. We offer basic tips for your online safety.

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Compare and Contrast Prices But be Smart

Ever if you hit on a dirt- cheap product, a snip for its purchase value compared to like goods then think twice.  It might be a scam.  Do not hesitate to hunt for any information online and look for reviews and ask for advice from acquaintances.

Fundamental Site Safety

Pay attention to check the related link on the website before making any transaction.  Any secure website such as online casinos or online shopping websites has https protocol and secure system.  In the mean time, make sure to double check the title spelling of the link you are about to click on not to be deceived by duplicate letters.

Network Safety Matters

Try to avoid public/free Wi-Fi connections such as from coffee shops, restaurants or even municipal networks as they are not secure and proprietary.  Additionally, keep in mind that logging into your bank account even just to check your account balance before starting or during online shopping from such public access networks is extremely dicey, due to the fact that you may be compromised.

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Shopping via Smart phones

It is known to all that user friendly smart phones with their upgrading availability ratio and proffered conveniences have become indispensable. But it may be a slightly dodgier ground as smart phones are not embellished with the same encryption systems as computers are.

More Essential Security Tips

Further basic security tips comprise of precautions such as changing your password in at least quarterly intervals, not setting the same password for each account, keeping your personal computers and smart phones virus free.  Of course be sure to log out from any and every website you visit as soon as you are done.  Do not leave your PC idle and do not forget to log off.