Enterprise IT departments can now significantly reduce employee downtime resulting from software update disruptions by using Verdiem’s recently launched EvokeIT solution. Verdiem, which provides energy management software for IT devices, was acquired by Aptean, a global provider of enterprise software solutions, in 2015.


EvokeIT enables enterprise IT departments to more rapidly deploy software patches and updates. By eliminating the workplace disruptions often associated with these processes, EvokeIT greatly increases employee productivity. In addition, EvokeIT helps mitigate the risk of security breaches associated with outdated security patches.

“Every day common PC issues such as system reboots and unplanned user logoffs add up to significant inefficiency and can impact our client service levels,” said Mark Frieden, information security and technology manager at Hughes Federal Credit Union. “EvokeIT simplifies the scheduling and performance of security updates across our entire fleet of PCs – removing the guesswork around handling these common IT challenges.”

The initial version of EvokeIT includes features such as remote wake on WAN capabilities, endpoint analytics, and plug-ins to system management products to ease implementation and improve IT patch effectiveness.

“Enterprise IT departments are constantly looking to thwart security breaches before they happen and effective patching is critical to this process,” said Mike Ressel, Aptean Senior Vice President Discrete ERP and Vertical Solutions Product Group. “Aptean is committed to making the patching process as efficient as possible by waking PCs when they need to be available and by streamlining the administration of endpoint devices.”

For more information on Aptean’s EvokeIT offering, visit: http://www.aptean.com/products/verdiem/verdiem-evokeit


Source: Nasdaq GlobeNewswire