Have you noticed how the word Intelligent increasingly gets placed in front of everything to do with technology? It doesn’t seem to matter which company you’re talking about – watch closely and you’ll see that they are all getting in on the act.

As the digital era evolves, it seems we are in need of a new name to describe what’s happening – and for better or worse that seems to be “Intelligent.” So, let’s have a quick re-cap on how we got here.


Digital Evolution

It all started with basic computing, main frames and pcs back in the day and simple forms of automation. Robots started to carry out tasks in factories. With the widespread adoption of pcs in workplaces, business processes got in on the act and ERP was born. Then as internet connectivity spread and speeds got faster, computers and smart phones became ubiquitous and everything moved to the cloud – leading to where we are today with a raft of new technology capabilities like AI/Machine Learning and the Internet of Things.

While many are still undergoing the upheaval from paper to digital, others are already exploring transformation more deeply – changing processes, creating new business models and looking into the future – which is of course intelligent.

The Digital Core

While these intelligent technologies are already being used to create new ways of doing things there is still a long way to go. So much of what can be imagined has yet to be realised. However, those with digital foundations will be in a good place to make the most of what is coming and a strong digital core, in the form of a robust ERP, is the foundation you need to take advantage of it.

Real Life Scenarios

Developers are using these technologies to create intelligent responses to real life business needs. The big tech companies are encouraging partners to go out and create new intellectual property in response to customer needs, while actively working themselves on business scenarios using Machine Learning and AI that organisations can get value from now.

More than buzz words…

But Intelligence seems to be about more than just the buzz words we read about every day. It is a combination of those technologies plus all the data we accumulate and the speed at which we process it, plus the way we integrate it to gain insights and make decisions.

What we are looking at is a re-definition of the word “intelligent” – a new and specific usage of the word to mean smart business technology for the purpose of energizing growth.

Now that is intelligent.