customer relationships

While you’re reading this, there are millions of people talking about brands and offering their opinions about your services or products online. Unfortunately, many businesses have opted to pretend that these conversations aren’t happening and guilty of burying their heads in the sand. However, advances in artificial intelligence are now making it much easier to analyze the data created by actively listening and monitoring the web to understand what’s being said. But how can this enable your business to obtain a competitive advantage? Actionable web and social insights are just a few ingredients to the secret sauce that can help you improve customer relationships. When armed with this information, you can begin to create engaging content, be a part of the conversation, and drive future business growth by proactively responding to trends.

customer relationships

Being a part of the conversation and respecting the privacy of your customers

When using popular music and media streaming services, we’re often provided with a seamless, personalized experience across multiple devices. By contrast, if someone were to stop you in the street and ask a series of personal questions, it would instantly set off a few alarm bells. Online conversations are no different.

As a consumer, I am happy for my bank, favorite airline, and concert venue to know more about me than an online store where I made an impulse purchase. The key to not overstepping the mark is to ensure that all conversations are relevant. We understand that businesses need to find the right balance between personalization and privacy. But most importantly, there is no such thing as a one size fits all approach.

Some companies have mastered this by how they suggest movies or TV series that we might enjoy based on our viewing habits. As a result this has led to rising expectations, and more and more online retailers are replicating this experience by recommending other products or services that might interest us. As consumers, we now expect this as standard as long as businesses respect our privacy.

Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Market Insights to secure competitive advantage

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Market Insights enables both B2B and B2C businesses to stay on top of market trends as they unfold online conversations and web searches in real-time. AI also unlocks insights into your brands, customers, and competitors.

By putting your enterprise in the driving seat of positive change, your brand can ride the wave of digital disruption rather than fear it. In an age dominated by digital distractions, one of the biggest challenges for businesses is knowing precisely what to focus on.

As we prepare to enter 2019, AI is no longer future tech. It’s here right now. As a result, businesses are now focusing on making AI real to empower their organization with market insights. Why? Actionable web and social insights naturally help them improve customer relationships. It’s these improvements that secure the elusive competitive advantage you have been chasing.

AI tools for a digital world

Consumer purchasing decisions are increasingly influenced by information found online. By leveraging Market Insights, businesses can begin to increase their visibility and enter online conversations about their products or services.

From a marketing standpoint, it also enables marketers to manage their online brand and reputation. Team members can answer and interact with consumers in the name of your organization. But algorithms can also perform much of the heavy lifting by adapting to your brand’s use cases.

As the pace of digital transformation continues to move at a breakneck speed, these tools are quickly proving to be invaluable. Identifying emerging trends, accessing machine learned sentiment, and intent analysis features are all tools fit for a brave new digital world as we head towards Web 3.0.

The technology behind Microsoft Dynamics 365 Market Insights is helping brands expand their network, find new leads, and boost sales to secure opportunities that deliver a competitive edge continuously. Check out the Dynamics 365 Market Insights web page to learn more, and sign up for the preview . Get started quickly using information available in the help documentation, then engage with us in our Community Forum.

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