Western Global has achieved a growth of 220% over the last five years with Oracle Netsuite. Netsuite supported the international development of Western Global by reducing the operational complexity. Here are the details:


Western Global, a provider of fuel storage and dispensing solutions, selected and implemented Oracle NetSuite to help support its 220 percent growth over the last five years. With NetSuite, Western Global has been better able to reduce operational complexity, consolidate core supply chain and finance functions after an acquisition, and support its international expansion as it has grown into a global organization that recently hit the £50 million revenue milestone.

Founded as a family business in the UK in 1962, Western Global grew steadily and launched operations in Europe and North America. To build on that growth and expand into new markets, including Australia and South Africa, Western Global acquired TransTank Pty Ltd, a manufacturer of self-contained tanks and dispensing equipment, in 2014. After the acquisition, Western Global was managing operations across a fragmented network of three different ERP systems. This negatively impacted productivity and prevented it from getting a clear view into key business information. To help address this challenge and improve the visibility and control needed to efficiently run its global business, Western Global selected NetSuite.

“Reaching £50 million in revenue was a huge milestone for our company as it demonstrates our ability to seamlessly expand across borders,” said Clem Connor, CEO, Western Global. “NetSuite has played a big role in our success by enabling us to focus our time and resources on what we do best: providing leading-edge fueling solutions. Despite the growth of our business following the acquisition, we have been able to avoid adding additional complexity and I credit that mainly to the extensive functionalities within NetSuite.”

With the help of NetSuite, Western Global is in a better position to be able to eliminate manual and time-consuming processes and achieve a real-time, consolidated view into key business data. This has enabled Western Global to increase efficiencies across its global supply chain, meticulously monitor its complex financials, win back time for its workforce to focus on core business functions, such as product development, and quickly establish international subsidiaries.

“The impressive growth that Western Global has achieved in the last five years shows how optimizing key business processes has a direct contribution to the bottom line,” said Nicky Tozer, VP of EMEA, Oracle NetSuite. “NetSuite helps give businesses the visibility, agility and control needed to make the most efficient use of resources and we are proud to be able to support Western Global at such an important time in its history.”