TrainingPros, a specialized staffing agency, achieved rapid scale and agility by replacing their previous solution with Sage Intacct cloud financial management software. The key to a digital transformation in Finance, the robust system helped the company’s CFO modernize several cumbersome accounting workflows and deliver more comprehensive reporting across the organization. With Sage Intacct’s powerful automation and flexible platform services, the finance team saved dozens of hours in commissions management and payroll tasks, while delivering new dashboards that empowered sales reps to increase margins by 11 percent.


TrainingPros is a specialized staffing agency with a large and active pool of expert consultants in the learning and development arena. The company provides Fortune 1000 organizations nationwide with skilled contractors who help them effectively train internal staff. With revenues more than doubling, TrainingPros needed financial management leadership and software that could handle increasing complexity and provide needed visibility. The agency hired Jill Vogin as CFO, who selected Sage Intacct to support the next phase of business growth. “The difference with Sage Intacct is that now we’re in front of the eight ball, instead of always being behind it,” said Vogin. “By moving to our financial software to the cloud with Sage Intacct, we’re able to provide real-time information to management, invoice our customers more quickly, and pay our contractors more accurately.”

By implementing Sage Intacct and working with Sage Intacct consulting partner Dean Dorton to customize the system to their specific requirements, TrainingPros increased productivity while improving business visibility. For example, the firm:

  • Saved dozens of hours of manual payroll and commissions management work: Rather than use four different applications to track staff time and payments, TrainingPros’ contractors can now enter their hours directly into Sage Intacct. Timesheets then flow through the system’s automated accounts payable and vendor payment processes, so that payroll runs take just three hours versus a week, and contractors are paid 33% faster. In addition, the finance team used custom fields and reports in Sage Intacct to streamline complex commissions calculations from days to hours.  
  • Built Sage Intacct dashboards to help improve sales performance, growing margin by 11%:Using Sage Intacct dashboards and reports to help analyze data, the company introduced a bonus program for more generous compensation, and put financial data in the hands of sales reps to improve performance. “Account Managers can go to their dashboards to track and manage execution against goals and  look at their outstanding invoices. This has helped us ramp up our margins by 11%,” Vogin said. 
  • Improved cash management and visibility amid double-digit growth: In addition to account managers, hundreds of TrainingPros employees—including the company’s new president—use Sage Intacct dashboards to support decisions surrounding collections, pricing, cash management, and more. As soon as the new president assumed her role earlier this year, the finance team created a personalized dashboard with all of the financial metrics she cares most about, such as daily cash balances and real-time profit and loss statements. This enables her to deliver data-driven business decisions and improve cash flow.

For more information on how TrainingPros benefits from the use of Sage Intacct, read the full case study here.