Here is the Top 5 ERP News of the week, Dec 3rd.

  1. How Alibaba Uses Blockchain to Compete in the Cloud
  2. Optimizing Maintenance with the IIoT
  3. 6 Questions You Need To Ask About Cloud ERP
  4. The Secret to Successful Artificial Intelligence
  5. Digital Transformation: A Real Business Problem, Not Just an IT Problem

How Alibaba Uses Blockchain to Compete in the Cloud

Cloud services and blockchain are industries where big Chinese tech companies are keen to make international inroads. Comparing the worldwide market share of the biggest cloud players, Amazon is in a league of its own with a market share of 33 percent, but Microsoft, IBM and Google are also doing well. So well in fact, that some may say complacency has crept into U.S. tech, resulting in a monolithic approach: A strong salesforce goes after the juicy multinational accounts of this world, offering generic solutions with a tiny amount of customisation. Meanwhile, Alibaba’s market share is a single digit (4 percent), but it is growing the fastest, powered by an entrepreneurial mindset.

Optimizing Maintenance With the Industrial IoT

You’re often directed to focus on the most valuable, strategic parts of your job. But that’s easier said than done when an equipment breakdown is holding up production. With leaner engineering staff and smaller maintenance budgets, you might find yourself stuck in firefighting mode focusing nearly all your attention on fixing issues. This prevents you from performing critical preventive maintenance tasks, working on projects to drive efficiencies, or deploying and optimizing new systems. Bringing the Industrial IoT into your maintenance operations may seem like an overwhelming task but not all steps need to be taken at once. Early successes that you see from leveraging new technologies and services can help justify additional investments, moving you out of daily firefighting mode and into bigger system deployments and optimization.

CFOs: 6 Questions You Need to Ask About Cloud ERP

Many more CFOs and their teams are considering moving their company’s core financial systems to the cloud, according to Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant report on the segment. If you’re one of those companies evaluating its cloud ERP (enterprise resource planning) options, make sure you’re asking the following six questions before selecting a platform.

The Secret to Successful Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Companies across industries are adopting successful Artificial Intelligence (AI) practices to scale up and improve their business operations. Advances in Deep Learning are helping drive the business success from e-commerce to national security. Data is the most important ingredient to a successful recipe of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) model. Unlike traditional coding models, the outcome of a successful Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm is very dependent on the data used to train it as it infers results based on what it has been trained on.

Digital Transformation: A Real Business Problem, Not Just An IT Problem

As the saying goes, disrupt or be disrupted. We need to look no further than the advent of new, digital native tech startups to see that we are in an era of change. Indeed, digitalization is essential for businesses -big or small- as they evolve with the changing needs and demands of customers.