Technological innovations help in streamlining the work of different industries and personnel. The legal industry is no exception. Be it a civil case of a car accident or a criminal lawsuit such as a sex crime; an attorney uses technology at every step of a lawsuit to provide justice to their clients.

In simple terms, from keeping a record of information, finding the evidence, presenting the documents to the court, and fighting crime, integrating new technologies and digital tools plays a significant role in the legal sector. According to a study, approximately 23% of lawyers’ work can be done efficiently using the latest advancements. It helps in saving time and ensures quality client service.

Let’s learn more about- How technological advancement is helping lawyers?

Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence

Numerous legal agencies work in association with the law enforcement agencies for collecting evidence. Law enforcement agencies use artificial intelligence-based tools to prevent or manage criminal acts. They have databases including information about the background and criminal history of individuals. Stating the obvious, this database helps in the investigation, eliminates the risk of human biases, and facilitates decision making.

Social Media

You might agree with the fact that the information available on social media is quite easy to access. The photos, videos, comments, or any post published on social media can be used as evidence to prove the innocence of the parties involved. Let’s take an example for a better understanding.

Suppose you have been falsely accused of sharing explicit images or videos without the subject’s consent. In that case, you need to hire a sex crimes attorney to prove your innocence. With the help of different technologies, resources, and their knowledge, the attorney can help protect your rights and the future. They can also guide you about the steps you should take to build your defense.

Face Recognition And Biometrics

Biometrics is a lot more than fingerprints. With the help of law enforcement professionals, lawyers are using facial recognition software to identify the true victims. They can use CCTV footage and use facial-recognition software to add volume to the evidence.

In addition to face recognition, they can also use speech recognition software, CODIS (Combined DNA Index System), and keystroke to analyze the typing pattern of an individual.

Note: The government is also working on creating the Next Generation Identification program to gather data for surveillance systems. It will also facilitate the lawyers to prove the innocence of their clients.


Electronic filing has facilitated the work of attorneys to a great extent. Now, they do not have to search through different cabinets to find the relevant documents or case materials. Instead, now they can organize all the files on the computer or laptop and create their backups. It also allows them to bifurcate the case into different folders (such as pre-trial, discovery, evidence, objections, and appeals) for easier access.

Not to forget, e-filing also mitigates the risk of delay filing or document loss/damage. It ensures that the lawyer meets the deadlines and facilitates the case proceedings.  

Cloud Technologies

Cloud technology facilitates the storage and sharing of documents. It allows different attorneys to discuss the lawsuit, make necessary changes to the files and sift through numerous filings. It also enables law firms to work on the case even if they are traveling, thus reducing downtime and productivity loss.

Keeping the records or evidence safe and creating backups has also become effortless. It helps improve the efficiency of the firm and also provides confidence of winning the case to the clients.

Body Camera

Body cameras are a part of policing equipment and allow the user to click pictures and videos of the crime scene and record an arrest. Different departments believe it is a great technology to bring transparency within the community and build trust. It is especially helpful for the victims of false accusations as the evidence is recorded without human interference.

Although lawyers do not necessarily use this technology, it is most likely to gain immense popularity in the coming years. That’s why staying aware of such technological advances can benefit law firms immensely.

The Bottom Line

Technological advances provide plenty of opportunities to the legal industry or lawyers. Thanks to recent developments, the evident collection has become much more accessible and helps give justice to clients. Not to mention, it has provided a ray of hope to the parties falsely accused of the severe crime. As the evidence is protected and presented using digital methods, the chances of manipulation reduce to a great extent, and the odds of winning the case increases.