SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) announced the creation of a dedicated recruitment onboarding program with the goal of matching refugees from Ukraine with vacancies across its network of global offices.

The initiative aims to attract, match and retain qualified refugees from Ukraine with suitable job opportunities at SAP in Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, and Slovakia.

As part of the program, SAP has launched a dedicated landing page online to highlight relevant vacancies to refugees from Ukraine, answer frequently asked questions, and provide the possibility to register interest in a special talent pool without uploading all relevant documents. This is to make the recruitment process as fast and as easy as possible for applicants.

Available roles include software engineering, sales, presales, consulting, and support functions, such as HR and finance. Fixed contract opportunities and part-time job sharing in Germany are also possible.

As part of SAP’s “Pledge to Flex” initiative, its employees can work flexibly. If offered a role, Ukrainian employees who have been displaced by the ongoing conflict will benefit from a host of services. They include buddy support with a fellow Ukrainian employee, mental health support, dedicated learning and language courses, childcare support (in some countries), and advanced payment options for newly hired talent.

“All SAP employees around the world have been saddened by the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and are increasingly seeking ways to help,” said Cawa Younosi, Project Leader and Head of People Germany at SAP. “We have lots of vacancies that will match the skills of some of those fleeing the tragedy. By doing what we can to accelerate the recruitment process, we can begin to offer these people security and support as part of the SAP family.”

This is the latest line of support mechanisms SAP has launched to assist with the humanitarian crisis. Its employees have already helped to offer around 4,000 refugees from Ukraine shelter in neighboring countries. In other support measures, SAP is using its technology to help multinational organizations across a range of aid efforts. One focus is ensuring aid groups and healthcare workers can get supplies. On March 9, SAP enabled suppliers on SAP Business Network to declare their readiness to provide humanitarian aid, with some 1,500 having already done so. SAP is also helping the Ukrainian government order supplies for hospitals so that they can get urgently needed equipment as quickly and easily as possible.

Those interested in taking advantage of the initiative are being asked to visit