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 Sage (FTSE: SGE), a leader in accounting, financial, HR, and payroll technology for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), announced the availability of Sage Intacct 2022 Release 2. Building on its leading subscription billing solution for SMBs, Sage Intacct Release 2 adds support for evergreen subscriptions.

sage intacct

Evergreen Subscriptions

In today’s competitive market, many SaaS and subscription businesses grow by offering a variety of billing models to meet varying customer needs. As businesses grow their blended subscription models, SMBs have long struggled to reconcile customer needs with the challenges this causes the back office.

With Release 2, Sage Intacct supports customers in SaaS businesses to easily bill auto-renewing subscriptions, report, and forecast billing and revenue. Sage Intacct now handles 300+ product-led growth, usage, evergreen, enterprise, and hybrid billing models as part of its solution – making it the only accounting vendor to support hybrid subscription models. This enables customers to:

  • Manage billing and revenues in perpetuity, including all future up-selling and down-selling, cancellations, and recurring billing cycles.
  • Eliminate the need to manually aggregate, integrate, and reconcile subscriptions with third-party solutions.
  • Navigate the complexity of hybrid models, accurately predict consumption, and roll out new pricing models with minimal impact to accounting and revenue operations.
  • Gain a consolidated view of financials, billing, revenue, cash, and SaaS metrics across billing models and cohorts, including historical, current, and forecasts.

Supporting our customers to be successful in their given industry is core to what we do,” said Dan Miller, EVP of Sage Intacct Business Unit. “Managing subscription billing manually is complex, the enhancements we have made in this release provide customers with an automated solution to a complicated manual process. This, in turn, helps our customers to focus on what matters – providing great customer service!

Inventory Fulfilment
In addition, the latest version of Sage Intacct offers improved warehouse efficiencies and real-time inventory visibility. Furthering Sage Intacct’s support for product-based companies, Release 2 provides improved warehouse efficiencies and real-time inventory visibility throughout the order fulfillment process.

Customers gain 360-degree insights into the status of orders by providing visibility into where items are in the fulfillment process. With Sage Intacct, users can:

  • Create customizable workflows to stage and fulfill orders with more efficiency.
  • Track order status as items move through the pick, pack, ship, and invoicing stages, without needing to enter new transactions. Unique to Sage Intacct, users simply change the status on the order, and the stage updates automatically in customizable and dynamic dashboards.
  • Gain visibility into the orders that are ready for action on their grid.

Using the new fulfillment workbench, everyone in the organization benefits from real-time visibility of operational data, enabling faster more informed decisions and quicker, more accurate customer responses.

Construction Contracts and Billing

A new streamlined progress billing process with more options for time and materials billing has improved the creation of AIA-style payment applications. New enhancements to construction billing provide more options to create and manage construction contracts and schedules that integrate change requests and change orders. Benefits include:

  • Comprehensive management of a construction contract and a schedule of values.
  • Increased flexibility in managing billing and contracts for general contractors and specialty contractors.
  • Fully integrated cost and revenue change management from the estimate to the contract.

With Release 2, Sage Intacct Construction has more flexibility to meet the complex demands of construction businesses across general and specialty contractors allowing them to access leading accounting functionality on a modern, cloud solution.


The highlighted solutions and enhancements outlined in this announcement are available in the following regions:

  • Evergreen Subscription Contracts: Generally available, in all regions
  • Inventory Fulfilment: Early adopter, United States
  • Construction Contracts and Billing: General availabilityUnited States

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