ERP News Magazine September 2019 - Issue #02

ERP News Magazine September 2019 – Issue #02Download Here (PDF)

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Hello everyone and welcome to our second issue!

Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning! We dreamed, we worked very hard, and in the end, the positive feedback we received from you about our first issue was the biggest reward for us. While the excitement of our first issue has not yet passed, we are proud to share our second issue with you. In every new issue, we will be even more excited to share the latest news, articles, and interviews with you about the ERP industry.

In this issue, we focused on how ERP solutions support Industry 4.0 and IoT enhance ERP systems.  We dived deep into the effects of Artificial Intelligence on ERP systems and how AI is shaping the future of ERP.

With the contributions of valuable names from the ERP industry, we tried to answer any questions you might have in your mind about these next-generation technologies and their integration with ERP. If you still do not have a road map on the way to digital transformation, you will be able to analyze the industry and you will know better about the steps that you must take!

ERP News Magazine September 2019 – Issue #02

Our comprehensive cover interview with Global Shop Solutions CEO Dusty Alexander provides an overview of the ERP industry. We would also like to thank him once again for his warm approach and contribution.

See you in the next issue!