ERP News Magazine February 2020 – Issue #07Download Here (PDF)

Hello everyone from the February issue of ERP News Magazine,

In this issue of ERP News Magazine, we have prepared some exclusive unique content for you as usual! The role of cloud ERP in digital transformation is on the main agenda of our February issue. Cloud ERP, which takes ERP software to the next level by providing speed, agility, and instant information flow, provides great convenience to companies in terms of investment.

With Cloud ERP you can combine your data and transactions in a single system, and you can work location independently. If you have been hearing the advantages of Cloud ERP for years, this issue contains more information that will surprise you!

The world is moving on a digital path. Probably cloud computing plays the most critical role along this road. In this issue, the latest news, articles, and events about ERP, everything you wonder about Cloud ERP and digital transformation is awaiting you!

See you in the next issue!