centra health

To advance its mission of providing excellent care for life, Centra Health has selected Oracle Cloud Applications. With a complete and integrated suite of applications to manage its finance, procurement, HR and supply chain, Centra Health will be able to increase productivity, improve controls, drive down costs and enhance overall business insights.

centra health

Founded in 1987, Centra Health is a regional nonprofit healthcare system with 8,400 staff that serves more than 500,000 people in 70 locations in central and southern Virginia. To continue to deliver on its mission and provide the best possible services for its patients, Centra Health needed to replace its aging and disparate on-premises applications with an integrated suite of applications that would meet its functional needs while driving down costs. After extensive review, Centra selected Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) CloudOracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud, and Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM) Cloud to support its vision for improved, affordable healthcare.

“When determining the appropriate vendor to support our business, we used a multidisciplinary process to ensure our needs were accurately quantified and comprehensively vetted,” said Tom Lawton, vice president and chief resource officer at Centra Health. “Oracle surfaced as the ERP vendor that checked all of the boxes, and our leadership felt confident that Oracle could support both our current and future needs. We are also anticipating additional value from the relationship with Oracle by having a common platform across our HR, finance, and supply chain operations.”

With Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle HCM Cloud, and Oracle SCM Cloud, Centra Health will be able to take advantage of the cloud to break down organizational silos, standardize processes, and manage data from its finance, supply chain and HR teams on a single integrated cloud platform. In addition, by providing a common user interface across all functional areas, Oracle Cloud Applications will help Centra Health increase employee engagement, collaboration, and performance. To drive better business results and ensure its team stays focused on providing the best possible patient care, Centra Health will also leverage Oracle’s embedded healthcare and technology expertise, best practices, and third-party partnerships.

“Whether its evolving regulations, the shifting payer-provider dynamic, advances in medicine, or increasing customer expectations, hospitals are struggling to stay ahead of accelerating change,” said Rajan Krishnan, group vice president of product development, Oracle. “Oracle Cloud Applications will help Centra Health outpace all of this change and stay ahead of customer expectations by providing proven, best-of-breed applications across every business function.”