ERP News – worldwide – – You are no longer beholden to an ERP system that doesn’t meet your manufacturing business requirements—having to apply patches, customizations, or fixes to get it to work the way you require. No longer do you need to budget time and money for costly upgrades, and still feel like you are constantly falling behind on functionality. Stop purchasing more and more hardware to house your growing system.

It’s time to declare independence from legacy ERP.


Free Yourself with Cloud Manufacturing ERP

There’s a revolution happening in manufacturing today. The cloud delivery model enables manufacturers, like you, to move beyond traditional enterprise software: essentially freeing them from costly licenses and complex hardware and software infrastructures.

With manufacturing cloud ERP, you gain greater accuracy, clarity, collaboration, and competitiveness. These capabilities not only enable you to grow stronger and more customer-centric but you also can compete on a much larger scale.

Stay Up to Date

New capabilities are delivered automatically as a service as part of your subscription at no additional cost. You simply turn on the new features you want and don’t use what you don’t want. You can take advantage of new innovations the minute they become available without disruption.

Connect Your People, Processes, and Machines

When your people and business processes are connected, you gain real-time visibility across your operations. By connecting your machines, devices, and processes with Cloud ERP, you have a view into what’s happening in the manufacturing moment. Everyone operates using a single version of the truth for increased accuracy and efficiency.

Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership

Cloud ERP cuts the cost of installing, maintaining, supporting and upgrading your ERP system. By removing ongoing costs such as maintenance, support and upgrades, your total cost of ownership is lower throughout the lifetime of your system. As your company grows your cloud ERP system grows without the need for additional hardware or middleware.