Infor, a leading cloud applications vendor, announced its partnership with Aŭtomatigo operating in Japan. The details of the partnership are as follows;


Aŭtomatigo Inc. and Infor Japan K.K., the Japanese subsidiary of Infor, a leading provider of industry-specific cloud applications, today announced that Aŭtomatigo has signed an agreement to be an Infor Alliance Partner specializing in the Infor Nexus cloud commerce network. Aŭtomatigo has already successfully supported Komatsu Ltd. to introduce Infor Nexus globally, and is the first company to conduct an agreement in the Japanese market as an Infor Alliance Partner for Infor Nexus.

Launched today in the Japanese market by Infor Japan, Infor Nexus is the world’s leading cloud commerce network. It enables visibility of multi-enterprise global transactions and orchestration of processes across the entire supply chain. The network connects businesses to their entire supply chain—from suppliers and manufacturers, to brokers, third-party logistics (3PLs), and banks—paving the way for visibility of complex supply chains, smoother collaborations and business operations, and enhanced prediction capabilities through intelligence. With 65,000 companies currently using Infor Nexus around the world, the platform is managing at least $1 trillion in trade annually.

As the first Japanese company to provide professional services related to Infor Nexus, Aŭtomatigo has been offering a deployment consulting service since January 2019. It started supporting Komatsu’s global rollout project of Infor Nexus for visualizing shipment of OEM products and for transportation management fulfilment, which began from Komatsu’s North American affiliate. Through this new alliance partnership with Infor Japan, it will be able to take the lead in Infor Nexus deployment consulting in the Japanese market.

Through the provision of master file solutions and business process outsourcing, Aŭtomatigo has developed a sales network and considerable knowledge for resolving issues related to customer data management. It will leverage this, in line with its management philosophy of using information and communication technologies to contribute to the sustainable growth of Japan, to help Japanese companies reform their supply chains with Infor Nexus.