Research predicts a shortfall in SAP consultants in the run up to the 2025 ECC end of support deadline.


A new report from ​UK SAP Consultancy​ Resulting IT reveals that many companies could struggle to resource the skills they need for their S/4 migration projects.

The research shows how an aging workforce combined with offshoring in the mid-2000s means there will be a significant shortage of experienced SAP consultants in the run up to the 2025 end of support deadline for ECC.

The findings of the report include:

●  54% of the most experienced SAP consultants plan to retire in the next 10 years

●  52% of SAP Consultants have no real experience with S/4HANA

●  54% of consultants expect a >10% increase in salary once they gain S/4 Skills

Stuart Browne, MD of Resulting, had this to say: “We already knew that S/4HANA would create a spike in demand for SAP skills – but what this research shows is just how significant that impact is going to be. “The hole that two generations of outsourcing has left in local labour pools, combined with a retiring workforce, overlaid with a gold-rush to S/4HANA means that SAP skills are close to breaking point. Hence the term apocalypse. “Recommendations in the report include advice on becoming more self-sufficient – advising businesses to create skilled people from internal resources instead of relying on contractors and managed service providers.” The research was run in conjunction with Dr Derek Prior – former SAP Research Director at Gartner who said:

“During my 19 years as SAP Research Director at Gartner I can safely say that nothing has caused the same amount of confusion, panic, and uncertainty as there is today around S/4HANA – and it’s that same uncertainty that makes this research so timely and so compelling.

“This report brings a much needed dose of clarity to the situation and provides the information SAP users require to make smart and strategic resourcing decisions in the run up to 2025.”

The report ​“Will You Survive The S/4 Skills Apocalypse?” ​polled 429 SAP Consultants and end users.

It is available for download at ​www.resulting-it.com/s4-skills-apocalypse​.