When you have a business there are important meetings that take place in the office that can become life-changing moments for you business and employees. This is why business meeting minutes are important. If you have been looking into meeting minutes because you want to start implementing them in the near future, you are in the right place.

Keep reading to learn more about what meeting minutes are and their importance.

What Are Business Meeting Minutes?

Minutes should capture the purpose of the meeting and the outcomes of the meeting. Good business meeting minutes are to the point and clear to read. Another key thing is that they do not leave out important information.

If there are any decisions made at the meeting this is clearly recorded in meeting minutes. You can have a secretary record the business meeting minutes or have a specific employee take that role that is good at organization, details, and typing or writing.

Why Are They Important?

Minutes will help save you time and money in the long run. You will always have a written record with proof of what was discussed and what was agreed at each meeting. Everyone will be able to be on the same page even in the future on what happened at each meeting.
Not taking meetings minutes can cost you time and money because each employee might have a different recollection of what was agreed on and end up not meeting a deadline because they thought it was someone else’s duty.
Minutes also provide structure for your meeting and push the team into action. Everything is clear and on record giving all attendees clarity on the matter at hand.

What Should the Meeting Minutes Include?

What should be included in your minutes will vary based on your business but there are a few things that every business should definitely include such as:

  • Date of meeting
  • Time of meeting
  • Meeting location
  • Attendees
  • Meeting purpose
  • Decisions that were made
  • Actions and deadlines that will be met (don’t forget to include employee’s name in charge of each action)
  • You can use a tool like free meeting minutes template to ensure that the best meeting minutes are taken. It is best to work efficiently and a template is a perfect way to make sure that you have better records of your business meetings.

Legal Protection

Keeping your business protected should always be a priority and this is what minutes offer. They represent the actions of the company leadership and the IRS, the courts, and auditors consider these legal documents.

Feeling Like a Meeting Minutes Pro?

Now that you know more about business meeting minutes and why they will help your business, it is time to pick the person that will officially make sure to record the meetings going forward.
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