Personality tests can be a lot of fun, but few people realize how beneficial they can be in our personal lives and even in our business endeavors.

Learning more about personality types like the MBTI and Enneagram can help you better understand yourself and your staff, helping you to reach new heights in your internal communication and launching closer toward your business goals in 2023.

Personality tests can be a lot of fun, but few people realize how beneficial they can be in our personal lives and even in our business endeavors.

This article will detail exactly how you can use these tests to help boost your business this year.

Employ the Right Staff

First of all, personality tests can be implemented into your recruitment processes to help you hire the perfect candidates. You could ask applicants to submit their personality type or complete a test after a successful interview to help you get a better idea of who they are before deciding to hire them.

For example, if you know that an applicant is an ISTP, you can assess ISTP compatibility in relation to the role you’re advertising for and decide whether or not they might be a good fit.

Build the Best Teams

Knowing and understanding your staff base and their personality types can also help you put groups together that you know will work efficiently and be able to support one another.

You might think that team building activities are cliché and boring, but they can actually be incredibly useful and even enjoyable for your staff. Let your team know one another’s types and create team-building sessions around this. They will be able to understand how to use one another’s strengths within a team and figure out who needs to help build on weak points.

Improve Workplace Communication

Internal communication is truly the crux of a well-working business of any size.

Even, or especially if your team works from home, it’s important to build up good internal communication skills and habits. Whether you’re running a start-up or a massive corporate machine, you and your team need to be communicating effectively if you want to see any growth.

Personality types can help you achieve this by working well with one another’s conflict styles, working habits, and communication behaviors.

Work on Your Management Style

Not only are personality tests useful for getting the very best out of your team, but they can assist in bringing out the best in yourself as well.

We all have different ways of working with people – some better than others. There are so many different management styles, and it’s not true that every manager fits neatly into one single category. However, knowing your personality type and leadership styles can help you assess where you might be missing the mark and learn new ways of handling difficult situations.

Final Thoughts

The main point is that you have nothing to lose. Implementing the use of personality tests into your business could do nothing for you, but it could also give your team the boost it needs to really push for new and exciting business goals in 2023.