ERP News August 2022 issue 30

ERP News Magazine August 2022 – Issue #30

In the August issue of ERPNews Magazine, we explored the reasons to implement mobile ERP and the benefits it can offer every enterprise.

digital sales

Why Headless ERP is the Practical Solution for Digital Sales

Although enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems provide businesses with the majority of tools and features they need to manage day-to-day operations, they often need some customization.

remote access security

Business Best Practices For Remote Access Security

Remote access was valid for a rare few business domains some years ago, but the pandemic changed the picture altogether.


The Digital Dash to Headless ERP

Headless ERP is rapidly becoming more commonplace, especially in industries that conduct repetitive processes with low complexity.

Auditoria.AI Bridges the Gap in the Finance Office with SmartCustomer Product Offering

Auditoria.AI Bridges the Gap in the Finance Office with SmartCustomer Product Offering

AUDITORIA.AI, announced the availability of Auditoria SmartCustomer, a suite of tools to improve cash flow, reduce days sales outstanding, minimize allowances for doubtful AR and increase efficiency across the finance office.

textile digital printing

How To Branch Into Digital Textile Printing

The textile industry offers immense growth opportunities, provided you are ready to keep pace with the evolving trends. Staying ahead […]

Gryphon Investors Completes Majority Investment in Rootstock Software to Accelerate Growth in Large Global ERP Market

Gryphon Investors (“Gryphon”), a leading middle-market private equity firm, announced today that it has acquired Rootstock Software (“Rootstock” or “the […]


Tips To Create Impressive Brand Identity On A Budget

Workforce safety is a priority for all business owners as it does more than prevent accidents. It enhances employee morale […]

ERp News Magazine

ERP News Magazine July 2022 – Issue #29

Can the advantages of a headless architecture be extended to benefit the ERP system itself? Has the era come of the headless ERP? In the July issue of ERPNews Magazine, we have dug deeper into the advantages of headless architecture and explored how headless ERP can help digitize businesses.