Why is Microsoft Dynamics AX particularly well-suited to supporting the needs of large enterprise-class organizations with a broad international presence? Organizations of this magnitude have unique challenges when it comes to large deployments across multiple countries, each operating in their own language and local requirements.

size and scale


Whenever you implement an integrated IT system, you want to have confidence that you are working with consistent data that can inform smart, strategic decisions and meet global and local compliance. You want to give people the tools to work more efficiently in order to evolve and boost business agility. On top of this, complex enterprise companies need visibility across multiple locations and business units in different countries.

Dynamics AX gives people near real-time analytics, providing not only the information they need, but also predictive capabilities. It is also available across platforms and devices, and organizations can extend and build business-specific mobile applications. And, of course, it provides the touch-enabled, modern user interface that users expect.

2.Managing change and staying ahead

For enterprise organizations, it is important to be able to share and unite data. Easily expanding into new markets, or being able to easily add products and services and make adjustments after a merger or acquisition are just some of the challenges that enterprise businesses face.

Juggling everything that is needed in this respect can be really tricky and this is where a partner such as Pipol is invaluable. We are experienced at taking the complexity out of the business transformation processes and have expertise in helping organizations realize their full potential. Dynamics AX can be configured to quickly adapt internal processes and supply-chain relationships to reflect new demands in a changing enterprise organization.

Enhanced business intelligence and analytics allow people to make proactive decisions in real-time—an essential part of managing change and staying ahead. Dynamics AX also helps ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, even for businesses with industry-specific needs.

And by building on the global Microsoft Azure platform, Dynamics AX is able to meet the requirements of customers who want flexibility in the way that they bring their operational systems to the cloud.

3.Centralized environment

If you have a wide range of systems that need to be updated, or complex real-time reporting requirements, then an integrated system is the best choice. The latest generation of Dynamics AX enables you to place all your financial and business critical management processes on a single, unified platform.

It provides a real-time view across your entire organization, streamlining internal cost accounting and currency translation, and managing the relationships between subsidiaries and the parent organization.

4.Complete capability from day one

You might have heard that a traditional ERP system is rigid, complex and involves slow deployments and implementations. But Microsoft Dynamics AX is a completely different kind of ERP solution—with technology that continuously enhances rather than disrupts business processes and operations.

Providing the deep functionality of proven business processes in horizontal and vertical industries—including retail, manufacturing, distribution, professional services, and the public sector—Dynamics AX delivers the complete capability of the product to market on day one. As long as your deployment partner shares your global strategy, you can utilize all the benefits. You get a flexible solution architecture that enables incremental implementations, changes, and updates, giving businesses more agility—and a faster time to value.

But remember that software capabilities are not enough to secure success in your enterprise business. If your company is planning for increased visibility, efficiency and collaboration across your international organization, and you want to have the best possible return on your investment, I’d love to help you utilize all the above-mentioned global functionality and benefits of Dynamics AX.

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