Peter Drucker, the legendary management guru said, “The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.”  If you want your business to grow, it’s critical to keep your existing customers happy and add on new ones.

Online reputation plays an important role for any business.  Online opinions or filled out satisfaction forms must definitely be taken into serious consideration. The main fear of any business owner is to receive destructive criticisms.  On the contrary, negative opinions can increase the credibility of your business because consumers place more trust in sites with pros and cons.  Most of the time they are the outbursts of clients with the conviction of being “ripped off”.  An honest and good willed professional therefore has no reason to fear flaks and should maintain a focus on continuous improvement. Once again, this is an opportunity to better understand the needs of your customers and customize your products.

customer satisfaction survey

There are kinds of ways to understand if your customer is satisfied with your given service or purchased product. Easiest way to encourage your customers to state an opinion on your business, is via customer satisfaction surveys. By doing so, you give an impression of a serious business willing to improve.  Business owners know that the weaknesses in supply chain management can lead to distressed customers, so they use online surveys to receive   feedback from the customers.

An effective customer satisfaction survey has 5-10 questions that relate to the service delivery, customer experience and overall satisfaction. You just have to ask the right questions by using the right keywords. A customer satisfaction survey might be worthless unless it creates statistical data that can be analyzed.

Online surveys are an easy and cost-effective way to find out if your customers are truly satisfied by your service and product, and a happy customer is a loyal one.  They are used to get efficient feedback which can assist by creating a customer experience that increases satisfaction, reduces churn ups and customer attrition.

Another method to measure customer satisfaction is the social media monitoring because social media is one of the rare places where you can catch the real opinions of your customers. You should be keeping a good track of all the social media platforms and never leave a comment without a response.

If you handle it right, the dialogue between you and your customers can become the lifeline of your business. To establish and maintain a healthy flow, customer feedback must be handled carefully and the customers should be informed about the results. Change is the most powerful currency to reward conscious customers.