NetSuite improves supply chain efficiency by reducing production costs of non-profit food producer MANA Nutrition.


MANA Nutrition, a nonprofit producer of ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF), is using Oracle NetSuite to support its mission to end severe acute malnutrition (SAM) across the globe. With NetSuite, MANA has been able to focus time and resources on the fight to end malnutrition by reducing manufacturing costs, increasing supply chain efficiency and gaining a single view into financial data across its growing organization.

Founded in 2009, MANA produces 425,000 lifesaving meals of RUTF per day to treat SAM (enough to feed and save 3,500 children in a six-week treatment program). According to UNICEF, SAM continues to result in the loss of 3 million young lives a year across the world and MANA has provided food to almost 3 million children to date. To extend its impact in reducing the cost of RUTF treatment across the market, and support its growth, MANA needed a unified business platform that could automate manufacturing processes, improve supply chain efficiency and increase visibility into financial data. To support these goals and enhance measurement and reporting to its benefactors, MANA selected NetSuite early in its development.

“Our mission is simple, we’re here to help end malnutrition for children around the world. We are on a never-ending quest to find a better way and are guided by the mindset of ‘if it’s good, let’s make it great,’” said Chris Whitfield, CFO, MANA Nutrition. “NetSuite has been great. It continues to give us ever increasing levels of visibility into our operations and enabled us to dramatically and consistently reduce costs by driving efficiencies across our organization. This has helped us demonstrate our impact to benefactors and allowed us to reallocate funds to create more food and save more lives.”

With NetSuite, MANA has been able to take advantage of accounting, inventory management, manufacturing and sales capabilities on a single platform to improve the efficiency of its manufacturing process and increase the quality of its products. In addition, the powerful analytics and financial management capabilities with NetSuite have helped MANA automate financial reporting, gauge how its performing against budgeted standards and milestones, improve investor relations by increasing transparency into financials and pass stringent audits by international aid organizations.

“Child malnutrition can stunt a child for a lifetime, and MANA is making a huge impact through its own work and its broader impact on the industry,” said David Geilhufe, senior director and social impact leader, Oracle NetSuite. “We’re incredibly proud to work with organizations like MANA which are creating social impact every day. By giving them the technology and support to help expand their mission, we are enabling them to grow and play a small part in making the world a better place.”

NetSuite supports more than 1,300 nonprofits and social enterprises globally. MANA is currently benefitting from Suite Pro Bono as part of the NetSuite Social Impact program, which provides nonprofit and social enterprises with coaching and support from NetSuite employees. MANA was also able to utilize the discounted licensing the NetSuite Social Impact program provides to nonprofits, which has helped MANA lower the prices of RUTF for its international aid customers.

MANA is also participating in the Hackathon 4Good event happening at SuiteWorld where NetSuite developers, partners and customers give their day to help NetSuite nonprofit customers address a complex challenge they are facing.

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