Arab Jordan Investment Bank (AJIB) provides retail, corporate, and investment banking services in Jordan, Cyprus, and Qatar. Sending money between subsidiaries has historically relied on a network of correspondent banking relationships and third-party intermediaries, leading to slow and costly transactions for both AJIB and its customers. In addition, it required sharing customer information with third parties—a process involving strict regulatory requirements with occasional conflicts between different jurisdictions. AJIB aimed to reduce the costs and time required for cross-border payments, while making the entire process more secure and efficient.


In order to boost speed, security, and reliability of cross-border money transfers with distributed ledger technology, AJIB deployed Oracle Blockchain Platform in what has become the largest blockchain deployment in the Middle East.

Before using blockchain, money transfers between AJIB subsidiaries were processed by third-party intermediaries that charged fees at each stage of a cross-border transfer transaction. AJIB needed to reduce the costs and the time required for cross-border payments, while making the entire process more secure and efficient.

“Oracle delivers an enterprise-grade blockchain platform with high resiliency, scalability and security. The built-in features, such as identity management and data encryption, made it an ideal choice given our industry requirements and compliance needs,” said Ayman Qadoumi, Deputy General Manager, Information Technology and Security, Arab Jordan Investment Bank.

With Oracle Blockchain Platform, AJIB is now able to make the same transfers in real time without paying those fees. Senders and receivers can now track money transfers while the funds are in transit, providing transparency to both parties about the exact timing and amount of the transfer.

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Watch this video to learn how Arab Jordan Investment Bank is using Oracle Blockchain Platform to become a leader in banking innovation.