ERP News – worldwide – – Accounting software is a necessity for just about every business, no matter how small. However, the wrong software for your company may actually do more harm than good. Once your company gets up and running, a more sophisticated business system like Microsoft Dynamics GP is not only recommended but almost required for your business to continue growth. Is your current ERP platform committing any of the red flags below?

Slow Performance

As your company grows, transaction volume and databases grow as well. Too much information results in slow, maxed out legacy systems.

Paper Problems

Paper invoices create logistical nightmares as your company continues to expand.

Inaccurate Cost Calculations

Entry level accounting and discrete manufacturing systems do not support actual costs of production.

Production Schedule Delays

Without integrated systems, your company will have to manage the disconnect between multiple departments.

Manual Reporting

Creating financial statements manually takes away precious time and resources from your organization.


With disconnected accounting and 3-commerce solutions, variations in quantities and pricing are common.

Document Delays

Entry level accounting systems result in slower than usual month-end closes.

Tracking Errors

Tracking time and equipment through paper based systems means frequent payroll and equipment condition errors.

Warranty Confusion

Outdated systems allow for no mobile support, preventing field workers from providing warranties on the spot.

Excessive Overhead Costs

Legacy systems at times incur unnecessary costs, requiring significant IT support for high volume integrations.

Inaccurate Inventory Levels

Using different systems to track financials and inventory leads to major discrepancies in stock levels.

Cash Flow Issues

When invoices don’t go out on time, serious issues with cash flow ensue.

Disconnected Pos

Without an easy to use system to reconcile books, hours may be spent reconciling the previous day’s transactions.

Unsupported Practices

When your accounting systems don’t support your practices, visibility into company-wide inventory is lost.

Non-Compliance With GAAP

If your current accounting system is not fully GAAP compliant, your company will face issues down the road.