These principles of storage, functionality, and utility apply to every commercial undertaking in Selegan that aims to come across as a sophisticated and considerate brand. Whether it is about maintaining the aesthetics of your store or managing your inventory, it is very important to invest in a few appliances and storage solutions that are not just affordable but relevant to your industry. Let’s have a look at what they are:


Split Air Conditioners

That was a very obvious choice. A split air conditioner is going to keep the temperature of your retail outlet in control. When it comes to maintaining a specific level of humidity, these appliances turn out to be extremely reliable. The best part is that they add a lot of aesthetics to your branded store because their operation is absolutely silent and they do not call for frequent maintenance and repairs as well. Along with that, the ease of installation that they offer is unparalleled. Split air conditioners are a great appliance to invest in right away because they come in a lot of varieties and sizes, shapes, colors, and energy efficiencies as well.

Public Warehouse Solutions

Public warehouses are owned by government entities and are used by private sector enterprises as well as several retail brands. The biggest advantage public warehouses is that they are temperature-controlled and they offer safety and security for your produce/stock. They prove to be highly affordable and can be used for both your personal and business use for as long as you want. You can rent a space at multiple locations depending upon the spread of your chain of retail stores and convenience. They make inventory management extremely easy for you. You can choose a fixed fee model or a pay-as-you-go model as per your budget.

A Few Characteristics Of Public Warehousing Solutions That You Should Be Aware Of:

  • Bad weather is never going to be an issue because they are solidly built and offer easy accessibility to vehicles as well.
  • They offer a very convenient space-saving solution where you can stack a lot of your inventory against one another or on top of each other.
  • They are also highly suitable for all kinds of budgets which means that you can rent a small or a big space as per your needs.
  • It takes away a lot of your stress and burden because you don’t have to manage inventory within your retail outlet and this means a lot less clutter to handle.

Chest Freezers

When you combine a few qualities of a split air conditioner and a public warehouse what you get is a chest freezer. Isn’t that incredible? When you look at chest freezers in Senegal, you understand just how these practical and all-season storage solutions are a great addition to your retail outlet. Whether you run a grocery store or a huge departmental store or a supermarket, these appliances are going to prove to be very economical and useful. The best part is that they have ample storage space. They can be used for an insane amount of food and several other edible products. They come with very stringent safety and hygiene standard which means that your produce or food items are going to remain absolutely germ-free. Another very interesting aspect of these freezers is that they are compact and discreet, and the designs that are available in them are absolutely stunning.

Talk about health standards, you can never go wrong with these appliances because they are designed in a way that meets some of the most stringent safety compliances laid down by the government and public welfare agencies that look after food safety and beverage suitability in your city or state.

Now Let’s Talk About A Few Practical And Easy To Implement Storage Solutions Within Your Office Or Retail Outlet

Choose A Folder For Everything

It is always advised to choose a separate folder for all your files and documents. It is quite obvious that you have gone completely digital but there are a few files and folders and a little bit of paperwork that you have to perform on a daily basis. Investing in a few folders, particularly color-coded and intelligently labeled is a very practical way to manage all your paperwork such as your orders, receipts, payables, bills, and invoices.

Control Those Computer Cords

This is a type of clutter that is almost impossible to get rid of. You might have a lot of wires hanging about here and there. It could be your router, fax machine, printer, UPS, desktop, laptops, and a lot of other peripherals that could have wires hanging from them almost all day. What do you do with them? You do not twist them or tie them up together. You just use flexible cords to join them together neatly without disconnecting any of them from their sockets.

Separate All Your Manuals

This applies to a lot of offices, divisions, departments, retail stores, showrooms, and several other commercial undertakings. Whenever any of your employees or associates need to operate machinery or some sort of equipment, it is important to educate them using instruction manuals. Make sure that they are easily accessible by selecting a spot for them. You can either stack them neatly in one corner or invest in a shelf, particularly for those manuals. You can always go for a wrought iron rack that is lightweight yet stable and makes it easy for everyone to just pick the manual that they want to read.

Divided Drawers Save You Space

Divided drawers are a great way to manage your office space. They are ideal for your pens, staplers, charging cables, pen drives, hard drives, power banks, earphones, Bluetooth headsets, and a lot of other gadgets that are in use daily at your workplace.


Now, this was new. A lot of trivia to help you out with office space management, temperature control, storage, and so much more in Selegan. All these little tips are going to make a huge impact on your workplace and its overall environment.