HelpSystems announced today that in a recent survey of IT professionals, organizations are taking full advantage of network mapping and monitoring software to help ensure uptime. In fact, respondents reported monitoring physical, virtual, and cloud technology, underscoring network monitoring’s versatility to spot issues proactively for any type of technology.

The results of the survey indicate that companies are monitoring traditional network gear and more. Ninety-three percent of respondents are monitoring switches, 87 percent monitor routers, and 79 percent monitor firewalls. Additionally, 44 percent of survey participants reported keeping tabs on critical applications such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer resource management (CRM). Ensuring uptime for building management systems also appears to be a growing trend, with 23 percent of respondents monitoring sensors and 18 percent keeping an eye on HVAC systems.

The survey results also show that 33 percent of participants have current initiatives that involve expanding cloud usage, and about 50 percent are monitoring virtual equipment of some kind. “These results validate that organizations want and need tools that can support both their cloud and on-premise initiatives,” said Chris Heim, CEO, HelpSystems. “As IT professionals face the challenges associated with changing environments, they are relying on network mapping and monitoring software to give them the visibility they need into all their distributed network technology.”

Intermapper, network mapping and monitoring software from HelpSystems, can scale to cover critical technology in IT environments of all sizes in industries ranging from education and telecommunications to manufacturing and healthcare. It gives users a live view of all devices and networks being monitored, whether they are part of small environments with less than 500 devices or larger-scale operations spanning thousands of endpoints.

To learn more, see the full survey results on the HelpSystems blog. For organizations that want to evaluate Intermapper’s mapping and monitoring capabilities, HelpSystems offers a free, 30-day Intermapper trial.