Rosh Ha’Ayan, Israel — February 27, 2017 – Priority Software Ltd., a leading global ERP solutions provider, announced today that it has been included as a representative vendor in Gartner’s recently released Market Guide for Product-Centric Cloud ERP Solutions. Priority Software offers ERP solutions for companies of varying sizes across a range of industries, including manufacturing, professional services, medical, retail (including a built-in PoS), healthcare, construction, automotive and agriculture.

Cloud ERP

According to the Gartner guide, “Cloud ERP solutions for product-centric companies are maturing and, over the next three years, will be adopted by midsize organizations and then larger organizations. The market is heating up as vendors seek to push clients to new-generation cloud ERP solutions. This means many organizations face a choice between well-proven on-premises products or new solutions that are still early in their life cycle.”

Priority is offered both as on premise and cloud solutions, both of which deliver rich functionality and full support for flexibility, mobile and system openness. Today, over 8,000 companies across a wide range of industries have come to rely on Priority to manage and grow their business, 1,500 of which successfully use Priority’s cloud-based ERP solutions.

Priority brings an easy and affordable alternative to ERP systems offered by traditional vendors. Its functionality covers all the core elements of traditional ERP with primary modules, including finance, manufacturing, logistics, human resources, time and attendance, business intelligence, project management and customer relationship management (CRM). Priority also offers enablers to integrate and customize the system, such as BPM tools, REST APIs, SDK and a Mobile Application Generator, an innovative tool designed to develop mobile applications.

“We are honored to have been mentioned amongst our peers in this first Gartner market guide dedicated to product-centric cloud ERP solutions,” said Andres Richter, CEO at Priority Software. “We constantly strive to deliver the tools necessary for our customers to work independently, enabling them to manage even their most challenging projects with Priority. We believe our inclusion in this report reinforces Priority’s renewed and longstanding commitment to making ERP easier.”